Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little White Dog

  Ever since we moved into this new place, both Kayla and I have been seeing what looks like a small white dog around the house.  I've seen him by our dog's food bowl.  We've both seen him in the living room.  I've seen him in the bathroom.  We often see him in our bedroom.
  Lately, this dog has been manifesting more physically.  Yesterday he brushed against my leg while I was sitting on our couch.  I saw him at the same time I was feeling him.  Our dog was curled up asleep next to me.  This morning, he startled me by scratching at the side of the bed.  Again, our dog was curled up next to me.  We don't mind this dog's company.  We just wonder if this is a dog we've known from our past like my childhood dog, Toga or if it's a dog that came with the house.

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