Thursday, June 16, 2011

They Won't Leave Us Alone!

  The other day, when I was trying to edit together that paranormal activity video on Windows Movie Maker, the program completely froze up.  Everything else on the computer worked just fine.  I could get on the Internet, do a malware scan, a disk cleanup, even play Spider Solitaire, but the movie maker would not respond or even close down.  I had to restart the computer.  After that, the movie maker worked just fine and I finished editing the movie.  I put it out on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.  Was this a spiritual attack?
  We did think a spirit was trying to keep us from completing that video, but then we started noticing something else.  We could watch most things just fine on Netflix, except 'Ghost Adventures'.  Any time we try to watch an episode, there will be constant pauses and other problems.  The Silverlight plug-in will screw up, Netflix will become unresponsive, there would be no buffer building up or we would somehow just lose our Internet connection.  It never does any of that when we're watching anything else.  Kayla was so flabbergasted that she decided to snap a picture of me interacting with the laptop and she caught an orb!
  I thought that this was connected to the electronic problems during the editing of the video, but we wanted to investigate further.  Kayla called a friend of ours who also has Netflix.  Her friend told us that lots of things she tries to watch on Netflix will have a few problems within the first ten minutes or so, but that it would clear up.  Perhaps it just seemed to be so bad with the show is that 10 minutes out of 42 is a greater percent than out of a 1hr, 30min movie.  It seemed to make sense, but I had a theory that if we tried to watch an episode of a different TV show, we wouldn't have a single problem.  To test my theory, I decided to run a little experiment.   I put on 'My So-Called Life' and there was not a glitch to be seen.

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