Thursday, June 23, 2011


  Yesterday, Kayla noticed that our turtle, Speedy, was getting dry skin.  We decided to immerse him in a small container with an inch of water at the bottom.  One of his eyes had dried shut and that was alarming, but he was eventually able to open it.  As soon as I put him in the water, he came out of his shell and just basked in the coolness of it all.  He drank some and got some up his nose.  He kept blowing out water from his nostrils.  His snot caused snot bubbles which were so cute.  He allowed me to pet him and Kayla got the camera to take some footage of that.  After a while, he farted, pooped, then farted again.  He soon grew tired of the water and climbed out, but it was good to see him enjoy the water and moisturize his skin.
  We just got the foreign zombie movie 'REC' in the mail from Netflix today.  I didn't know what to expect because we had rented the American remake 'Quarantine' from Blockbuster when it first came out and were dismally disappointed in it.  It turns out that the original was far superior in almost every aspect.  Honestly, it one of the scariest movies I've ever seen and the scariest zombie movie I've ever seen!  We were amazed at just how creepy it was at certain points and they didn't just give you the usual cheap startles that a lot of horror flicks use as a substitute for genuine suspense and terror.
  The only thing I remember from the remake was a scene where a zombie falls down the center of a stairwell, hitting her head on the way down and landing heavily on the floor all in one continuous shot.  That was quite a technically challenging shot I'm betting and it was spectacular, but that was pretty much all that movie had going for it.  This movie had good acting, mostly non-stupid characters, real thrills without losing the gore factor and lots of exciting action.  I highly recommend it.

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