Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Decision Making

  I think one of the biggest flaws in my decision making process is that I don't leave room for human error. I make plans or choices that rely on every single thing going exactly according to plan.  As I often find out, that rarely happens.  When something goes wrong, I have a built-in excuse as to why it wasn't my fault.  That's the difference between me and Kayla.  She has the foresight and the wisdom to plan for many possible outcomes.  She also doesn't have the prideful need to make things not her fault.  If something goes wrong with a plan of her devising, she's gracious enough to accept blame.
  On a completely different note, I've been able to build up quite a network of connections on both Facebook and Twitter!  All this is aiming toward our goal of helping Tibetan refugees in India.

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