Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yo No Soy Un Zombie

  On Twitter I follow the progress of the new remake of Night of the Living Dead.  They tweeted that they're looking for 30 people to play ghouls in a teaser trailer.  I sent them a message expressing interest and I also friend requested the director.  He accepted my friend request and told me that if I'm up for a drive to Virginia that he'll put me on the ghoul list.  Insert sound of screeching tires or needle being pulled off a record here.  Unfortunately, our car's AC hasn't been working and our radiator has been leaking coolant.
  What that translates into is that I won't be able to appear as a ghoul in their production.  I had to send him a message on Facebook telling him that I can't do it.  Imagine Charlie Brown with his face to the sky crying out, "Arrrgh!!"  That was me.  My mind has been scrambling around thinking about cheap flights, Greyhound buses, rental cars or anything that can get me there.  Right now we're just not in a place financially to be able to afford any of that.  If they could just relocate the shoot to California, I could probably manage that.  Oh well.

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