Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Chee kon yeh mom weh"

  This morning, right before I woke up, I had a peculiar dream.  I had come to a small town that looked decrepit with no people I could see.  I was walking around when I finally spotted an Asian lady on a bench, trying to read a children's book to her distracted son.  He kept getting up and running around.  On a bench across from them was an older Asian lady, possibly the boy's grandmother.  I was with a couple other people, but I don't remember who they were.  They didn't really have much to do with the dream other than standing around.
  I asked the mother what book she was reading.  She didn't answer, but kept calling for her son to come and sit down to hear the story.  The old lady looked at us and said, "Chee kon yeh mom weh."  I figured it was some Asian language I am unfamiliar with, which is all of them except for Korean and that definitely is not Korean.  The young lady said, "Don't mind her.  She doesn't speak English."  I asked her if there was anywhere my friends and I would be able to get something to eat.  Again she acted as if she didn't hear me.
  My friends and I were about to go explore the town a bit more and see if we could find anyone else that might be a little more helpful.  As we turned to leave, the old lady stood up and said more forcefully, "Chee kon yeh mom weh!"  Right before the dream ended, my friends and I passed by an establishment where there was a radio out front.  On the radio we heard what seemed to be an emergency broadcast that kept repeating the same message.  The reception wasn't very good and it kept cutting in and out.  What we were able to hear was, "This is an will con.....nue to broadcast..............outbreak that started has spread.........We will come back mom.......tarily with more news........You must evacuate.  Head our headquarters in.................."

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