Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rock and/or Roll

  I watched a documentary on Netflix called Heavy Metal in Baghdad.  I had almost rented it several times from Blockbuster before we had Netflix, but there was always something else that caught my eye.  It was always one for which I said, "One of these days..."  Well, yesterday was one of those days and boy was it worth the wait!  Yes, it's a documentary about a band, but it gives one of the most nitty gritty, honest portrayals of life in Baghdad with no media bullshit in the way.  The band really is good too.
  I can't wait to get started on some medication for my bipolar disorder!  Today I got a Netflix video in the mail.  It was a Mushroomhead documentary.  I think I laughed through the whole thing!  Yes, they're a serious metal band with wicked awesome music, but they also know how to have fun.  Almost every scene was packed with them being silly, goofy, drunk, laughing or tearing down the house with their live shows.  There were also three music videos and lots of DVD extras including hilarious deleted scenes and behind the scenes of the making of their video.
  By the way I found out one of my aunts in Tucson has some yogurt store called By The Ounce.  Apparently you grab a cup, put some yogurt in it, throw on some toppings and pay for it by the ounce.  Ha ha, you see that clever marketing strategy in the name and everything?  I went to the website,, and the place looks so immaculate and modern.  Notice I didn't include any adjectives which would indicate an opinion one way or the other whether or not I'd wanna go there.

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