Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scar Chasm

  It's ironic that I just recently made the old song "Scar Chasm" by my old band, Shadow Puppets available on our MySpace page and on YouTube.  The song is about spiritual, mental and relationship struggles.  For months now I've been planning to make a video for it and today just seemed like the appropriate time to do that since I'm going through all that all over again.  Of course, without Kayla here, I had to shoot the footage myself.  Also, of course, since the Shadow Puppets are no longer together, I had to find a way to portray a band without any members but myself.
  My solution was an old standby: masks.  In the video for "Equilibrium" by Chief Loh, I had worn a mask simply because I wasn't very good at editing video.  It cut down on having to sync the lips up to the audible words.  Now, the guitarist and bassist are each played by me wearing different masks.  In the band, there were two guitarists, but there's only so much I can do.  If Jamie, Matt and Justin want to have words with me, I'm here.  Anyway, hope you all enjoy it.  Oh, and the lyrics are available at Zombie Genesis.

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