Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vampire Journals

  'Vampire Journals' is a movie by Full Moon Pictures, not to be mistaken for 'Vampire Diaries' the television show.  This movie was put out back in 1997, but I didn't see it until tonight on Netflix.  It is one of the best vampire movies I've ever seen.  Other favorites of mine include the Lost Boys trilogy and Near Dark.  One thing that stands out about this movie is the amazing soundtrack.  I tried looking it up at, and iTunes, but to no avail.
  Full Moon Pictures is known for putting out a lot of cheesy, less-than-B movies in the late 80's and early to mid-90's.  When I was in high school, those movies were my bread and butter.  The Pit and the Pendulum was one of their better produced films.  As cheesy as they were, they often had music that was quite good.  Puppetmaster 2 has an amazing score for a silly little flick about living puppets.  One of the worst movies ever made, Bad Channels, happens to have three songs on the soundtrack by one of my favorite bands, Sykotik Sinfoney.
  The Vampire Journals soundtrack has lots of pianos and strings.  From the very first scene, it is infused with a haunting score which is not let down by the acting or the plot.  For once, the movie is as good as the music!  Other such movies like that include the Last Unicorn, Back to the Future 3, Schindler's List and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

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