Friday, February 18, 2011

My 100th Blog!

  Who knew I had that much shit to write?  Got a three-day weekend kickin' off right now.  I just put out chapter 16 of the Nocent and on my day off Monday, I'll put out chapter 17.  On Tuesday I need to go to Jacksonville to take a psychological evaluation.  I'm well on the road to recovery!  Wednesday I have another appointment with my psychologist.  Soon, my friends, I will be on medication.
  From reading up on bipolar disorder, I see that a lot of bipolar people self-medicate using alcohol as a downer, cocaine as an upper and marijuana as a mood stabilizer.  They may also be very sexually active due to the hyper libido associated with this condition.  Growing up, since I didn't drink, do drugs or lose my virginity until the age of 27, I used Mountain Dew as an upper, Rosy Palms as a downer and karaoke as a mood stabilizer of my own choosing.
  I guess fried chicken could count as a mood stabilizer too.  You know, now that I think about it, rice and noodles could count as uppers because they are carbohydrates which the body absorbs as sugars.  Somewhere out there, a dietitian is pulling his hair out saying, "What the hell?"  Looking at it this way, I guess just being Chinese is a self-medication for bipolar disorder in and of itself.  Certainly, having Asian parents was downer enough to cure even the most manic episodes.
  My psychologist says that most people think linearly.  He compared it to looking in a filing cabinet.  A topic is brought up so they access the appropriate drawer, look in the proper folder, flip to the right document, peruse the correct paragraph and hit upon the desired sentence.  A person who is bipolar will have a topic brought up and will immediately have several filing cabinets pop up in their mind which each have some tangential connection to the topic at hand.  It's anybody's guess which one will come out of the person's mouth.  When I was in line at the bank, I almost turned to the guy behind me and asked a riddle: Q: "What did the bipolar Chinese guy say to the man behind him in line at the bank?"  A: "I don't know, but we'll both soon find out."  The poor guy has no idea how close I was.

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