Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Greater Number

  As you can see, I turned my dream from this morning into the beginning of a story.  I'm already working on part 2 in which we'll get to see what this warning is all about.  You probably have some idea already.  This is a fun way to write, letting the world see it as you create it.  It almost reminds me of my days in the Peanut Gallery, the improv comedy troupe.  As I made it up, I could see whether or not the audience responded to it immediately.  Oh, what a thrill.
  Already, there are people reading it.  As a matter of fact, someone from South Africa has read it.  That's interesting because there is a character in there from South Africa.  Also, it is the first time anybody from Africa has read any of my blogs.  Now that just leaves Australia and those dern fool idjits in Antarctica!  Oh well, can't please them all.
  Tomorrow I'll be putting out the 19th chapter of the Nocent and boy is it a good one.  You get to meet the main bad guy!  I'll probably also put out the next installment of The Greater Number tomorrow.  These are exciting times for me in my writing career.  I'm coming up with new ideas, I've got a world-wide readership and I just feel great!

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