Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ubiquitous Iniquities

  If there was an ADD psychic, he could tell you what will happen tomorrow, he just couldn't tell you what he had for breakfast this morning.  One year when I was living in Connecticut, there was a huge storm one Saturday in April.  I called it the Neither Good Friday Nor'easter.  I write these things to you in a vain attempt to get them out of my head before I go to bed so that I can get some sleep.  You know how in the past, Czechoslovakia split in to the Republic of Slovakia and the Czech Republic?  I hope the same never happens at Lake Titicaca!  An over-active imagination is one of my ubiquitous iniquities that has often gotten me into trouble.  Especially when I was in school and supposed to be studying!
  You know how sometimes when there are double doors at an establishment, they won't unlock both of them?  I've observed that whenever that is the case, I will always choose the wrong door first.  I've heard this phenomenon called, 50/50/90.  If there's a fifty-fifty chance at getting something right, there's a 90% chance you'll get it wrong.  That's another of my ubiquitous iniquities.
  By the way, even though I am in the Navy, I am not a Chief, as you might think because of the name, Chief Loh.  The band name is a play on words.  The energy we get working up inside us while we're creating music is our chi.  When we're really on fire, our chi flows freely and prolifically.  Chi flow=Chief Loh.  I discovered after I created the band name, that the name is meaningful in another way.  I was thumbing through my English-Korean dictionary when I decided to look up my middle name, Young Su.  It turns out to mean chief/president/officer in Korean!  So my name is literally Paul Chief Loh.  In Old French, Paul means small.  If you look at it that way, you can use another word for small like petite or petty.  Put that together with one of the other definitions of Young Su and I would literally be named Petty Officer Loh.  I don't know if the name Loh means anything in Chinese.  Wasting my time looking this shit up is another ubiquitous iniquity.

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